Our extensive experience covers the full range of research services, data analysis and insight: i.e. Quantitative, Qualitative (focus groups, depth interviews, CATI), Ethnography, Segmentation, Audits and retail insight.


Our brand health tracking methodology measures current performance, and shows how it can be improved. Simple dashboards allow you to view your brand health at a glance yet quickly dig deeper when more detail is required.

·         Focus on the measures that matter most for your brand and category

·         For consumer and B2B brands

·         Proven for digital, services, B2B and FMCG brands

·         Integrates beautifully with other key communication, customer experience and internal metrics

·         Ideal for a consolidated multi-category or multi-country view.

·         Interactive, online and customised reports for each market


Award winning approaches to assessing your customer experience.

·         We use high tech and up-close way to monitor your customers’ experience of your brand.

·         Report with interactive online dashboards

·         Multi-channel techniques integrated into a single view – (telephonic, IVR, USSD, mobile web, online and face-to-            face)

·         Minimise customer inconvenience and maximise insight

·         Analyse Touchpoint satisfaction and NPS. We help you identify their pain points and what excites them.

·         Extremely cost effective


We have extensive expertise in using several Statistical packages like SPSS, R, Python, Eviews etc.

·         We use our automation of SPSS data processing and Syntax operation to make the process seamless.

·         We have shown how the use of the right automated systems can be the most effective way of complex data                  processing and analytics.

·         We developed in house tools which processes data from sources like SPSS to Excel to PowerPoint in real time.                Thereby cutting time on manual copying and pasting of data and charts. This also reduces manpower needed as            well as human errors.

·         Our team has experience using Tableau for insight generation and creating Interactive dashboards

·         We are able to process all data files from survey flat files to complicated data sets.


Effective media buying is a critical performance area for leading marketers. YET... There is a lack of independent, reliable and timeous data in many African markets. Dashboard Intelligence Systems address this with multiple innovative methodologies:

·         Mobile me©: Our opt-in mobile app comprehensively tracks all aspects of panellists mobile behaviours, together            with website and app usage. Combined with survey data this can give unparalleled depth and accuracy to                      customer surveys.

·         Pinpoint© is an innovative syndicated media study for TV and Radio it provides: Day of week / time of day                    audience by channel.Past 7 day’s audience measures and profiles. Pinpoint© also includes detailed social media            usage and information on newspaper readership.

·         Crowd-sourced Out of Home Audits enables you to monitor the execution of your outdoor campaigns in their                  competitive context.


Predominant qualitative data collection methods are high-touch, time-consuming and consequently expensive. But now, AI-enabled research is presenting opportunities to collect qualitative data at scale.


Using AI to unlock insights from unstructured data such as;

·         ​Image / video, Text analytics/ Natural language processing (NLP) and Text to Speech.

We use AI platforms like IBM Watson, Google Cloud, R and Python